Premium Dual Contact Tool Holders

The BIG-PLUS® Spindle System provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of BIG-PLUS® tooling. Simply by switching holders, you can greatly increase tool rigidity, reduce runout and add significant productivity to your machining applications. BIG-PLUS® holders and spindles are manufactured to micron level specifications.

The unique tool holding technology increases surface contact with the tool holder, maximizing rigidity and clamping pressure. There is a significant advantage in tool life, accuracy and cutting capability when compared to standard tool holders. Because of the unique design, the system allows complete interchangeability between existing tooling and spindle systems. No shim kits or spindle face qualification is necessary.

When used with a BIG-PLUS® spindle, there is the additional benefit of contact between both taper and flange of the holder and spindle. This Dual Contact design further improves rigidity and accuracy, eliminating fluctuations in z-axis precision due to tool draw.

More Detailed Information About BIG-PLUS®

BIG Capto Tool Holders offer the most accurate and flexible polygon tooling system available. Achieve the highest level of precision and flexibility for your multitasking operations. As a licensed manufacturer since 2002, BIG Daishowa through BIG KAISER offers a wider range of rotating BIG Capto tooling than any other provider.

HSK Tool Holders are available in a variety of forms in all the popular sizes. Our accurate and flexible HSK system achieves the highest level of precision and flexibility for your machining operations.