High Precision Boring Tools:
Experience the Economy of Quality

The most successful manufacturers in the world invest in superior tooling because it is good for their bottom line. The precision and ruggedness of BIG KAISER boring heads deliver measurable performance advantages - significantly reducing finishing cost and cycle time.

The BIG KAISER modular precision tool system is the solution for drilling, rough boring, finish boring, milling and tapping. Important customers are not only the machine-building, auto, and aircraft industries, but also machine tool manufacturers, tool & mould makers, and job shops that equip their machining centers with BIG KAISER tools in order to offer the customers solutions according to their demands.

Modern machines and manufacturing methods call for ever-improving, high-performance cutting tools. The systematic following of this development backed by decades of experience in the design, manufacture and application of efficient production resources has resulted in the presentation in this catalog of the complete range of CKB (KAB) tool and clamping systems for boring, milling, drilling, and external turning.

Intensive development work, countless practical tests and close contact with the customer as a user, coupled with top-quality materials, the use of sophisticated production facilities and all-inclusive quality supervision are the necessary conditions for the exceptionally high precision and reliability of BIG KAISER tools.