Zero-Point Clamping System

UNILOCK utilizes spring pressure to drive wedges against a tapered wedge lock (clamping knob). Air pressure is used to compress the springs, releasing the wedge lock. Clamping is achieved by bleeding the air pressure out of the chuck. To facilitate palletization, the clamping knob is attached to a base plate, fixture or directly to a workpiece. The result is quick and repeatable clamping.


UNILOCK Specifics:

UNILOCK Specifics:

  • Clamping Mechanism: Heavy-duty die springs
  • Positional Accuracy: Adaptable to workpiece conformation

  • Unlocking Air Pressure: 75 PSI

  • Chuck Opening: Air pressure compresses springs

  • Clamping Stability: Low profile with matching taper wedges

Mount Knobs to Your Pallets and Workpieces


UNILOCK clamping knobs can be attached to fixtures or directly to workpieces. Our standard knobs can be mounted in a blind hole from the bottom or pulled up from the top.

Standard clamping knobs have a metric positioning boss which is ø25mm in diameter and ground to a fit of h6 tolerance. This boss is 5mm tall. The overall measurements of the clamping knob is ø40mm by 40mm tall.
Standard Clamping Knobs.   


Standard clamping knobs accept the following:

1. M12 set screw - The set screw is threaded into the clamping knob and also the workpiece or fixture.

2. M10 cap screw - The screw passes through the clamping knob and threads into the workpiece or fixture.

3. M12 cap screw - The cap screw passes through the part or fixture and pulls the clamping knob up into position.
Knob Placement     

The A Knob is ground to fit with the center ground taper of the chuck. This fit establishes centerline location. This location will repeat to better than ± .0001 inches.

The B Knob is ground like a diamond pin and orients your work relative to the centerline of the SBA knob.

The C Knob is ground undersize to provide downward clamping only. It will bring the bottom of the workpiece or fixture down on the top of the UNILOCK chuck. Additional clearance sizes available.

UNILOCK Workholding Applications in Action


Rotary Tables

Grinding Machines

Multi Axis Machines

VMC Tables

Trunion Tables

EDM Machines

Automation Chucks