Speroni Software

SimpleVision/EDGE 2.0/EDGE Pro

New and innovative designs have been applied to the Speroni control and software interfaces. The human/machine interface has been developed in order to deliver unmatched user-friendliness and ease of precise operation. The software interfaces as well as the measuring algorithms are developed by Speroni software engineers in cooperation with leading universities in this field. Our design, manufacturing and development experience is coupled with some of the most prestigious components on the world market in order to deliver unmatched reliability.

Speroni Software

3 Types of Speroni Software

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SimpleVision Control Software

  • Clear arrangement on one single screen

  • Ease of use / operator friendliness

  • Little / short training required

  • Reproducibility of measurements

  • Flexibility

  • Dynamic cross hair

  • Basic function for measuring length and diameter

  • A library of macros for more complex geometries

  • Numeric and graphical interface verifying runout

The SimpleVision software is developed exclusively by Speroni only and is used together with the our presetters. Following are the applications and characteristics suitable for SimpleVision software.

All CNC machine operators will use the software whenever they need to set up new tools. There is no specialist/more advanced operator with special knowledge needed to work with the SimpleVision software.

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EDGE 2.0 Control Software

Includes all functionality offered with SimpleVision Control software in addition to:

  • Clear arrangement on one single screen, however more detailed functions are available for the skilled user

  • Unlimited tool database

  • Tool association to specific tool jobs

  • More tool data information storage

  • Password management for multiple users

  • Allows for integration of outside interfaces (such as CAM software and Chip R/W)

  • Basic measuring without data input

  • Advanced measuring with guided procedures for tools stored in the database

The software can be used by CNC machine operators as well as by skilled tool room personnel. It is possible to create a tool database based on which the operator will be guided through the measuring process. This ensures the correctness and the repeatability of the measurement. User management handles various rights assigned to various users.

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EDGE PRO Control Software

Includes all functionality offered with SimpleVision & Edge 2.0 Control software in addition to:

  • Component management for tracking stock amounts and tool assembly

  • Advanced scanning of tool profile for comparisons to technical specs

  • More advanced measuring tasks allowing guided measuring programs

EDGE PRO is the fully featured software used for simple measurements to the most advanced measuring tasks such as step tools, runout measurements, scanning of the tools profile, automated measuring programs for special tools and much more.

Available automated measuring programs for dedicated tools such as ball nosed milling cutters, milling heads with multiple inserts, Mapal style reamers, etc.

From runout function to data output via post processing to second camera option and full CNC option, this software can handle all the available options available in the FUTURA configurations.

EDGE PRO software handles step tools with ease. Test reports can be printed out or can be easily altered using Open Office. Tool graphics (jpg, bmp,...) and drawings (dwg) can be saved with the tool. Also an advanced scanning function is available as option.

Integration to external systems such as tool-id systems (Balluff and others), external TMS such as Walter TDM and others.

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Looking for a cost effective alternative to replacing your older Speroni STP34 or STP56 presetter? Not only can you extend the life of your current presetter several years, you also get the satisfaction that your presetter continues to meet ISO certification.

We'd love to send you a quote on retrofitting your existing Speroni.