Speroni FUTURA Autoshrink

High Precision Modular Tool Presetting

The Speroni FUTURA is the result of over 50 years of experience in design and production of tool measuring and presetting systems. The FUTURA STP product line represents the most advanced and complete line of vertical tool presetting & measuring machines in its class.

In 1998, Speroni collaborated and introduced on the US market the first integrated presetting and shrink fit system. This system was introduced and developed to become the industry's benchmark in terms of functionality and sheer performance (total accuracy and repeatability) for years to come.

The newest system was introduced as a 'hands-off' fully automatic (operator independent) and completely safe solution which in terms of functionality, total accuracy and safety is still considered top of the line.


Speroni FUTURA Autoshrink

Speroni FUTURA Autoshrink Features

Speroni FUTURA Autoshrink Features

  • Same spindle adapter and clamping system options and features as the standard FUTURA

  • Thermo-balanced and artificially aged pearlitic cast iron structures

  • Hardened and precision ground Schneeberger® guide ways

  • Pneumatically activated spindle disk brake system

  • New "Integral" ISO 50 Taper Vertical Rotating Spindle

  • Ergonomic hand-wheels for easy focus of tools

  • Automated heating/cooling cycle movement

  • Inch/metric setting sleeves

  • Includes standard control software Edge Pro

  • Resolution of 0.001 millimeters for both the X (diameter) and Z (height) axis

  • Precision ground integrated spindle calibration edge

  • Adjustable anti-vibration pads

  • Adjustable front inspection light system Episcopy

  • Support arm for your choice of monitor

  • Inch/metric cooling sleeves

  • Three phase power transformer

  • Cooling chiller

Automatic – CNC Integrated Shrink Fit System (400mm & 600mm FUTURA)


Integrated tool height adjustment system (through pin) mounted inside the spindle body – allows for the fully automatic setting of all shrink fit tooling. With a 1 micron resolution, positioning to +/- 2.5 micron, this 'drive-pin' becomes a true axis and allows for the highest level of precision in this unforgiving assembly of tool to tool holder (no adjustment after tool is shrunk).

The construction of this '4th axis' ensures a perfect tool assembly the first time out. Its sturdiness and rugged design, synonymous with the Speroni name, ensures a constant unmatched operation in time.

With over 6 inches (150mm) of available travel you will be able to shrink most of your tools without having to substitute the pin. However, in case of need, the pin can be substituted from the 'top' easily and securely in about 10 seconds.

High-powered Multi-Frequency Automatic Positioning Coil

The new design has the ability to shrink fit any kind of tool including HSS tools ranging from 6mm to 32mm in diameter. An additional quick-change coil is available for all those tools ranging from 32mm to 50mm in diameter.

The full integration of the coil system with the Speroni Edge Pro software module makes the shrinking operation completely automatic and worry free. The correct settings, positioning, heat time, etc. will be automatically supplied to the coil leaving the operator with the simple task of inserting the tool in the heated tool holder when prompted.

Setting Sleeves

A large range of setting sleeves, ranging in diameter – depending on the tool holder's size and tool shank size. Available in metric and inch sets. Each sleeve is precision ground and marked for easy recognition.

Metric Shrink Fit Setting Sleeve Complete Set
Includes the following sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 2mm5, 32mm

US – Inch Shrink Fit Setting Sleeve Complete Set
Includes the following sizes: 3/16", ¼", 3/8", ½", 5/8", ¾", 7/8", 1", 1¼"

Cooling Sleeves

A large range of cooling sleeves, ranging in diameter and taper degree depending on the tool holder's size and tool shank size. Available in metric and inch sets.

3° Shrinker Cooling Sleeve Set
Includes the following Metric sizes: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25
Includes the following Inch sizes: 3/16", ¼", 3/8", ½", 5/8", ¾", 7/8", 1", 1¼"

4.5° Shrinker Cooling Sleeve Set
Includes the following Metric sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
Includes the following Inch sizes: ¼", 3/8", ½", 5/8", ¾", 7/8"

Integration to CAM and TMS

Eliminate data redundancy and safely share data amongst your systems with the powerful SPERONI integration options.

Integration to CAM and TMS



Easily and securely transfer your measured tool data to your machine tools.

FUTURA Connections


A. Mistake free, automatic download of offset data to all of your machine tools via your company network or FTP server.

B. Direct Integration via RS232 or dedicated connection with your NC machine control.

C. Full integration with any read-only and read/write tool identification systems.


Available Measuring Ranges:


Machine Type

Range X

Range Z

STP 44 400mm 400mm
STP 46 400mm 600mm
STP 48 400mm 800mm
STP 64 600mm 400mm
STP 66 600mm 600mm
STP 68 600mm 800mm
STP 612 600mm 1200mm
STP 84 800mm 400mm
STP 86 800mm 600mm
STP 88 800mm 800mm
STP 812 800mm 1200mm
STP 124 1200mm 400mm
STP 126 1200mm 600mm
STP 128 1200mm 800mm
STP 1212 1200mm 1200mm



Speroni FUTURA Software

New and innovative design is applied to the new FUTURA control and software interface. The human/machine interface has been developed in order to deliver unmatched user-friendliness and ease of precise operation.

Click here to learn more about FUTURA control and software interface

Additional FUTURA Options:

  • Pneumatic cockpit height adjustment
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Label printer (& support)
  • Laser printer (& support)
  • Annual software maintenance program


Spindle Cleaner

Ensures absolute cleanliness of the precision Speroni spindle.

Click here for more info on Spindle Cleaner



Tool Cleaning Kit

Malleable putty for cleaning dirt and debris from cutting surface which could alter measurements.


Tool Pro

A unique tool holding device for the easy and safe assembly and disassembly of your tooling.

Click here for more info on Tool Pro



Inspection Bars

Precision ground, high concentricity test bars for inspecting spindle runout, tram, and scale referencing.


Quick Change Adapters

Precision ground original Speroni design ISO, HSK, CAPTO®, KM®, VDI locking adapters.



Check Master

Precision ground, high concentricity guaging adapter for verifying scale referencing.