Tool Presetting & Measuring System

The Diaset provides a stable measuring column and a solid base made out of mineral cast. These features guarantee high rigidity as well as excellent temperature resistance for high repeatability and accuracy of measurements. Due to the "easy-run" system developed by Innotool, the axes can be moved very smoothly and with little effort.

High precision scales, solid guides and a digital display (which includes new standard functions) are making the measuring process easier and offering maximum measuring capabilities at an affordable price. The Diaset is available with either integral ISO50 or ISO40 tapers and has reduction adapters available for other common interfaces.



Diaset Features:

Diaset Features:

  • Max Ø8.5" models feature a max length of 14" or 18"

  • Max Ø16" models feature a max length of 18", 22" or 26"

  • Positioning accuracy of .0005" (.012mm)

  • Checks runout to less than .0008" (.020mm) T.I.R.

  • A large multi-function readout

  • A single dial indicator for ease of calibration and measurement

  • High precision rotating spindle

  • Fine-adjust handwheels (X & Z axis)

  • Pneumatic locking mechanism
    (X & Z axis)

  • Serial printer port


2-Axis Indicator & Display

The Diaset's 2-axis indicator has an ultra-sensitive embedded mechanic to detect the slightest measuring pressures. A large, digital display unit was designed to support the newest technical requirements of today's manufacturer's. The display unit was thoughtfully located right behind the spindle to keep everything in a clear field of view.

A variety of adapters available for common shanks