Mega New Baby Chuck

High Precision Multi-purpose Collet Chuck System

Mega New Baby Chuck is the world's highest precision & multi-purpose collet chuck system. High precision collet chucks with both precision and versatility are already well accepted and recognized among the market for high speed applications and its 1 micron runout. Designed for high speed cutting utilizes ultra precise New Baby Collets that guarantee .00004" T.I.R. at the collet nose.

Mega New Baby Chuck

Our Most Versatile Collet Chuck

Our Most Versatile Collet Chuck

  • For carbide drills, reamers, finishing end mills
  • 100% inspection with strict quality control
  • 1µm at collet nose, 3µm at end of test bar (projection length: 4d)

  • Coolant bores in accordance to DIN69871/Form B
  • Available in BIG-PLUS® (CAT/BT), HSK, and BIG CAPTO

A Variety of Mega New Baby Chucks

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Max 40,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .010 "-.787"
Gauge Length: 2.50"-8.00"
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Max 40,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .010"-.787"
Gauge Length
: 2.36"-7.87"

Product Image

Max 40,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .010"-.787"
Gauge Length
: 2.16"-7.87"

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HSK Form A
A40 A50, A63
Max 35,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .010"-.787"
Gauge Length: 2.36"-7.87"

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HSK Form E
E25, E32, E40, E50
Max 40,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .010"-.787"
Gauge Length: 1.57"-6.30"

Product Image

HSK Form F
Max 32,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .010"-.787"
Gauge Length: 2.95"-5.31"

Original Design of Notch-free Nut Prevents Vibration and Noise

Vibration at high speeds is eliminated by a notch-free nut which offers superior balance and concentricity. This ideal nut design not only eliminates whistling noise and coolant splattering, but also assures increased strength of the nut itself.



Easy and Firm Clamping with the Mega Wrench

The Mega Wrench has a uniquely designed one way clutch
system with a roller bearing and ratchet function and is capable of safely and evenly applying force on the entire nut periphery.



Digital Mega Torque Wrench

Digital Mega Torque Wrench is used for the secure and appropriate tightening of collet chuck nuts to their recommended values.


Plug Screw for flange through coolant


This Plug Screw A (option) prevents coolant leakage through retention knobs.

Bores on Form B are sealed with Plug Screw B.

  • Remove Plug Screws B (2 pcs.) from end face of flange.
  • Failure to use the Plug Screw "A" or other sealing method may result in coolant contamination of the spindle and lead to premature failure or accidents.

Plug Screw for flange through coolant


Collet Ejector

Collet Ejector can easily and quickly remove small sizes of
New Baby Collets from Mega Nuts.

Mega Perfect Seal


Max Coolant Pressure 1,000PSI

Through Tools - with PS Ring


Jet Through - without PS Ring

Suitable for eliminating dust and contaminants. The unique design of the Perfect Seal increases sealing performance with higher coolant pressure. Remove the PS Ring to supply coolant to the cutting tool periphery.


PS Ring - Replaceable seal used
in Mega Perfect Seal

Spare seal is recommended when coolant leaks due to damage of PS Ring.

New Baby & New Baby End Mill Collets


Runout as small as .00004" T.I.R. at the collet nose


Since all collets are inspected, T.I.R. never changes, even when a collet clamps the smallest shank diameter.

New Baby Collet:

New Baby: End mills, drills, taps, reamers, etc. Collet class: AA Runout: 1 µm at nose

New Baby Collet for End Mill:

New Baby: End mills Collet class: AA Runout: 1 µm at nose