High Quaility Tool Holders

Introducing the MEGA ER Grip! The total precision of our collet, nut, and body shatter the common standard of ER collet chucks. BIG's MEGA ER Grip is a high quality ER collet chuck that completely satisfies the 4 requirements for tool holders; clamping force, concentricity, rigidity, and balance for high spindle speeds.

Each part of the assembly puts together our high precision production technology and our design creativity for collets, clamping nuts and chuck bodies. When an inexpensive tool holder is selected based on a small cost saving, a waste in valuable time and money during production results in higher costs in the long term.


Features of the MEGA ER Grip

Features of the MEGA ER Grip

  • Available in BIG-PLUS® CAT/BBT30, HSK, and BIG CAPTO
  • Clamping range ø.075"-ø.787"
  • All collets inspected twice to guarantee runout accuracy
  • High precision nut with built-in thrust ball bearings

  • High rigidity body that increases the contact area of the collet
  • High precision pre-balanced body
  • Tool life extended 3x compared to conventional ER systems
  • Precise coolant supply to the cutting edge

A Variety of MEGA ER Grip Holders

Product Image

BCV40 Shank
Max 35,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .075" - .787"
Gauge Length: 3.00"-6.00"

Product Image

CAT BCV50 Shank
Max 20,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .075"-.787"
Gauge Length: 3.50"-6.00"

Product Image

Max 40,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .075"-.787"
Just added! BBT40 & 50!
Gauge Length: 6.50"

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BIG CAPTO C4 & C5 Shank

Clamping Range Dia.: Ø.075"-.787"
Gauge Length: 1.969"-5.315"

Product Image

BIG CAPTO C6 & C8 Shank

Clamping Range Dia.: Ø.075"-.787"
Gauge Length: 2.953"-6.496"

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HSK63 Form A Shank
Max 33,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.: .075"-.787"
Gauge Length: 2.756"-6.496"

Product Image

HSK100 Form A Shank
Max 40,000 RPM

Clamping Range Dia.
: .075"-.787"
Gauge Length: 2.953"-6.496"

The ERC Collet with the Best Runout Accuracy in the World

All collets are inspected twice in order to guarantee
the runout accuracy, which has a great influence on tool life.

Mega ER Grip Runout

ERC Collet:

Clamping range: ø.075" - ø.787"
Collet class: AA
Runout: 1 µm at nose

High Rigidity Body that Increases the Contact Area of the Collet

By increasing the contact length of the internal taper of chuck bodies, the undesired overhang of the collet is reduced. This modification of the standard improves 3 of the most important requirements for the collet chuck (rigidity, runout accuracy, clamping force). (Conventional DIN collets can also be used.)


High Precision Pre-balanced Body

The unbalance of the drive keys in the steep taper and HSK tool shanks is reduced to a minimum by a pre-balancing operation. (BIG CAPTO tool shanks are also pre-balanced) The tool shanks also include tapped holes around the periphery so that precision balancing can be performed with balancing screws.

MEGA ER Solid Nut
MEGAER Solid Nut

Available for ER16, ER20, ER25, and ER32

MEGA ER Perfect Seal/Jet
Mega Perfect Seal

Perfect Seal

Sealed Collet Nut for Coolant Through Tools

Perfect Jet

Nut for coolant Deliivery Around Cutter Shank Periphery


Simplification of the nut tightening operation with the MEGA Wrench

The one-way clutch of the MEGA Wrench tightens the nut firmly and securely by applying even torque to the outside periphery of nut.
The ratchet function greatly helps to simplify and speed up the tightening operation of the nut and prevents injury to the hands of the operator.

MEGA Wrench