Special Boring Tools

Adjustable Shelf Mount

Radial and axial adjustment cartridges from front allow quick and easy insert adjustments for diameter and length. Especially suitable for use on special multiple diameter roughing and finish boring tools, highest cutting capacity at high speed and feed can be realized. The compact design features a unique pivot pin which maintains line contact to the boring bar pocket at all times through the entire range of travel. Adjustments are easily made by turning the screw conveniently located on the front face of the cartridge. Each cartridge can be adjusted in either direction(radially or axially) by up to .024".

Cartridges with Micrometer Adjustment for Special,
Multi-Diameter Solutions

Special tools with the requirement of high precision adjustment cartridges can be easily designed and manufactured. Three cartridges, offered with either inch (.0005"/div.) or metric (0.01mm/div.) graduated dials cover the diameter work range from 0.91-4.21" by application of two different insert holders. Cartridges are made with a highly accurate and ground micrometer spindle and tool carrier locking system which will not change diameter setting. Cartridges easily assemble into a precision bore and lock securely into place with a threaded locating screw. The locking screw for the tool carrier is an integral part of the locating screw. Two insert holders for each cartridge are offered and use ISO standard type inserts. Insert holders can be assembled for either forward or back boring without rotating the cartridges. A grease fitting is also provided to ensure long lasting and accurate diameter setting.

Special Boring Tools

Special Boring Tool  Application