Speed Finisher

High Speed Cutter for Aluminum & Cast Iron

Speed Finisher is a high speed cutter for aluminum & cast iron offering mirror-like finishes. Each cutting edge height is adjustable to within 1μm of each other.

Speed Finisher

Speed Finisher Features:

Speed Finisher Features:

  • Quick adjustment of cutting edge height
  • Lightweight and high rigidity
  • Cutting speeds up to 13000 SFM

  • Secure coolant supply to the cutting edge
  • Optional exclusive presetter

Speed Finishers Sizes

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Cutting Dia.: 50mm, 63mm, and 80mm

Light Weight & High Rigidity

The low-profile cutter body enhances rigidity, minimizes vibration and distortion, which leads to the minimized height difference of the machined surface. Lighter weight resulting from reduced mass aids performance on small machine tools such as BT30 spindles.

Secure Coolant Supply to the Cutting Edges

Coolant is supplied to the cutting edge directly when used in combination with the Face Mill Arbor Type FMH. This is especially effective in avoiding built-up edges when cutting aluminum and possible re-cutting of the swarf.

Quick Adjustment of Cutting Edge Height

After clamping the insert, the lifting screw lifts up the insert directly by revolving the lifting nut from the side. Simple construction aids in easy adjustment and the fine pitch thread of the lift screw ensures precise adjustment.

The exclusive PL Presetter shortens the setup time further (up to 15 sec./insert) while avoiding chipping of the cutting edge.

Application Examples (Cutter Diameter: ø80mm)





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Speed Finisher Application Example

Cutting Speed: 13,123 SFM
Spindle Speed: 15,900 RPM
Feed Rate: 376 IPM


Within 1μm


Mirror finish is achieved

Speed Finisher Inserts


High density sintered material made of ultra-micro diamond particles. Superior wear resistance and hardness comparable to carbide alloy.



Newly designed CBN sintered body with high content rate of CBN improves toughness and thermal conductivity.