Profiling End Mills

Fullcut Mill FCM Type

Fullcut Mill FCM Type have a positive high rake cutting edge for both radial and axial directions, achieves smooth and quiet end milling. Fullcut Mills have a sharp cutting edge by both high radial and axial rake angles and positive rake angle offering high toughness in a highly rigid integral body. Indexable insert end mills with both excellent sharpness and toughness, achieving the performance of solid end mills.

Designed for shoulder and slot milling.

Profiling End Mills

World’s first indexable insert end mill with eccentric relief!

World’s first indexable insert end mill with eccentric relief!

  • Strong cutting edge
  • Secure insert clamping
  • Highly rigid integral body outperforms solid end mills
  • Dual face and taper contact

  • Highly efficient end mills with low cutting resistance
  • Cutting Dia.: .500"-2.000" (12mm - 50mm)
  • Arbor type available (ø50, 63, 80, 100mm) to adapt to shell mill holders (ø22 & 27mm)

A Variety of Fullcut Mill FCM Types

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BIG-PLUS® CAT 40 - Inch Style

Cutting Dia.: .625"-2.000"

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BIG-PLUS® BT40 - Metric Style

Cutting Dia.: 16mm-50mm

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BIG-PLUS® BT30 - Inch & Metric Style

Cutting Dia.: .625"-2.000"(16mm-50mm)

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HSK for DIN 69893-1 - Metric Style
HSK-A40 & HSK-A63

Cutting Dia.: 16mm-50mm

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BIG Coromant Capto - Inch Style

Cutting Dia.: .625"-2.000"

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Straight Shank - Inch & Metric Style
ST.625, ST.750, ST1.000, ST1.250
ST16, ST20, ST25, ST32

Cutting Dia.: .500"-2.000"(12mm-50mm)

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Arbor Type Form FMH / FMC

Cutting Dia.: ø50mm, ø63mm, ø80mm & ø100mm
Pilot Diameter: 22mm & 27mm

*Recommended for usage with our dual contact shell mill holders or our Smart Damper devibe holder

Low Cutting Resistance

Positive high rake cutting edge for both radial and axial directions achieves smooth and quiet end milling.



Eccentric Relief Angle


Providing an eccentric relief to the cutting edge has been standard for solid end mills since the 1970's and has become the traditional technique in solid end mills. The relief angle is kept small to provide increased strength to the cutting edge without reducing the top rake and sharpness.

Excellent Cutting Performance Even With #40 Taper Machine Tools!

Cutting Conditions:

Machine tool: BBT40(BIG-PLUS®)
Cutting dia.:
Work material: Tool Steel
Spindle speed: 2,400 RPM
Cutting speed V: 480 SFM
Feed rate: .005"/tooth

Indexable Insert Face Mill Achieving Excellent Squareness and Fine Surface Finish


FCM Type
Available in packets of 10pcs.

Cutting dia: .500" - 2.000" (12mm - 50mm)

ACP200: for prehardened steel

ACP300: for general steel

ACZ350S: for stainless steel

ACZ310: for cast iron

DC20/DS20: for alumimum

Application Example:

Slot Milling
Only the Fullcut Mill was capable of achieving this data with a No.40 spindle taper machine.


Insert: ARG321104(ACP300)

Work material: 1055 Carbon Steel

Cutting speed V: 500 SFM

Feed rate: .005 IPT

Axail DOC Ad: .35"


Application Example:



High Speed Milling of Aluminum
Efficient chip evacuation and excellent surface finish.

FCM: BBT40-FCM16092-85

Insert: ARG16094(DC20)

Work material: Aluminum

Cutting speed V: 1970 SFM

Feed rate: .006 IPT

Axail DOC Ad: .35"