Back Spot Facer

BF-Cutter was exclusively designed for back spot facing of capped bolt holes, sizes m6-m16. The indexable insert design saves cost and coolant through capability helps cool down the back side cutting area — increasing tool life.


BF-Cutter Features

BF-Cutter Features

  • Cap bolt size M6-M16

  • Indexable inserts save costs

  • Utilizes worlds smallest square insert

  • For ø.433"-1.024"

  • Coolant through design increases tool life

BF-Cutter Sizes

Product Image
Shank Dia.: 16mm & 20mm
Facing Dia.: .433"-1.024"
Length: 4.016"-5.591"

Easy NC Programming

Easy programming by simply offsetting the centers between the machine spindle and hole.

Indexable Inserts

Nose Radius: .008"
Material: ACP200 for general steel


Nose Radius: .008"
Material: DS20 for aluminum and non ferrous materials