Hi-Jet Holders

Introducing Coolant Capabilities

Hi-Jet Holders introduce coolant capabilities to machine tools without coolant-through spindles. Hi-Jet Holders minimize overheating and distortion of workpieces and allows coolant-through cutting tools to provide faster metal removal rates by flushing chips out of the holes. With reduced heat generation, tool life is greatly extended.

Please note: We have decided to change our tool connection description of KA/KAB to CK/CKB to be consistent with how the product is referred to globally. There is absolutely zero geometric difference between a tool marked KA/KAB and CK/CKB, it was simply a way to differentiate North American inch tools from metric tools sold throughout the rest of the world.

Hi-Jet Holders

Ensure Coolant Delivery to the Cutting Edge Required for High Speed Cutting

Ensure Coolant Delivery to the Cutting Edge Required for High Speed Cutting

  • Introduces coolant capability
  • Allows operations at faster speeds and feeds
  • Non-contact seal design eliminates wear damage to body
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for small diameter cutters
  • Automatic Tool Change w/ stop block

  • Easy maintenance of worn parts
  • 284 max PSI
  • Water-soluble coolant only
  • 360º adjustability
  • High speed available (10,000 RPM for 40 tapers - 8,000 RPM for 50 tapers)

A Variety of Hi-Jet Holder Types

Product Image

New Baby Chuck Type

For small diameter drills, gun drills and end mills.

Product Image

CKB Type

Universal use for BIG KAISER CKB6 or CKB7 shanks.

Product Image

TG Collet Chuck Type

Accepts popular TG100 single angle style collets

Product Image

Side Lock Type

For popular straight shanks with a milled flat.

Coolant Runs Through a Separate Sealing Section

Coolant runs through a separate sealing section called the Merit Set. In the Merit Set, the sealing ring that stays stationary when the body rotates does not come in contact with the body. Only the sealing plate, which rotates with the body, has actual contact with the body. As a result, there is no friction from any seals which can cause body wear. The only wear will be to the Merit Set seals, which are easily replaceable parts.


Easy Maintenance of Worn Parts

Easily replaceable Merit Sets consist of Merit Plates, Merit Rings and O-Rings. Coolant contamination and high speed operations are no longer limiting factors to the service life of the coolant feed holders.

New Baby Collet
(for New Baby Chuck Type)


Clamping range: ø.010" to ø.787"
Collet class: AA
Runout: 1 µm at nose



Baby Perfect Seal:


Perfect sealing by utilizing coolant pressure!


  • For high speed cutting
  • Prevents the ingress of particles to the collet and body
  • Special collets no longer necessary