Large Diameter Rough Boring

Series 318

Boring Range 7.87" to 118"

The 318 boring system is designed for heavy roughing of bores from 7.87" to 24.41" - and a special adapter can extend the system up to 118". The lightweight and secure configuration makes it ideally suited for higher speed operations-up to 6600 SFM! For use on production machines such as boring mills and machining centers with spindle taper sizes of 40 and larger.

The 318 roughing system consists of a small number of modular components, including a steel flange, aluminum extension slides and clamping bases, and steel insert holders. Most components are universally utilized with the specific bore diameter being dependent only on the selection of the appropriate slide. Each extension slide has an adjustment range of over 2.75" in diameter. Accessory insert holders allow the system to perform face grooving.

Please note: We have decided to change our tool connection description of KA/KAB to CK/CKB to be consistent with how the product is referred to globally. There is absolutely zero geometric difference between a tool marked KA/KAB and CK/CKB, it was simply a way to differentiate North American inch tools from metric tools sold throughout the rest of the world.

Large Diameter Rough Boring

Series 318 for Rough Boring

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This super light system provides highest precision and performance, and features through-tool coolant supply to the cutting edge. The mounting components are "pinned to fit" onto specific locations on the slides, and secured with steel bolts. The precise positioning of the components on the slide along with incremental adjustment scales for insert holders permit diameter and length setting without a tool presetter.

The 318 system utilizes the new BIG KAISER CKN modular connection.

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With precise independent height and diameter adjustment of cutters, practically any groove width is possible between .080"-.375" up to a maximum depth of .470", and a diameter range of 7.80"-118.00".

Uses standard face grooving cutters of 2, 3, 4, and 5mm wide with cylindrical shank ΓΈ8mm.