Deep Hole Boring

The BIG KAISER modular system has many solutions for deep hole boring requirements. Tool combinations utilizing carbide or heavy metal boring bars held in collet/milling/hydraulic chucks is one method. Our second solution utilizes stacking aluminum (CKN only) or steel extensions to reach the required bore depth. Our third solution is a modular damping system.

Please note: We have decided to change our tool connection description of KA/KAB to CK/CKB to be consistent with how the product is referred to globally. There is absolutely zero geometric difference between a tool marked KA/KAB and CK/CKB, it was simply a way to differentiate North American inch tools from metric tools sold throughout the rest of the world.

Deep Hole Boring

A Variety of Deep Hole Boring Tools

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Smart Damper: Integrated Damping System

Smart Damper is a tool holder with an integrated damping system for deep hole finish boring and extended reach milling. Instantaneous damping of chatter, better surface finishes and higher metal removal rates.

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Steel Construction Extension Adapters

It is recommended to use the minimal number of extensions and to not create a tool length longer than necessary. For maximum rigidity, solid carbide or heavy metal bars (below) are recommended.

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Hydraulic Chuck Tool Holders for CKB Carbide Bars

Clamping carbide bars for deep hole boring operations with hydraulic technology reduces runout, increases vibration damping and allows for high pressure through-tool coolant. Each holder is specially engineered for clamping BIG KAISER carbide bars CKB1, 2 & 3 to minimize gage length and reduce boring bar overhang by telescoping design.

Easy clamping by only 1 screw and possible to adapt to other sizes with sealed straight collet type OCA.

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Carbide Boring Bars

Tool combinations with carbide boring bars provide optimum rigidity when finish machining extremely long bores. The carbide bars can be moved axially and clamped to the required length in compact tool holders. Hydraulic chuck tool holders are recommended, see above.

Carbide bars available CKB1, CKB2, and CKB3. These bars should not be used for heavy roughing.

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Heavy Metal Boring Bars

Tool combinations with heavy metal boring bars give higher rigidity and damping of vibration over conventional steel shank tools when machining long bores over 5:1. Their dense structure and machinability gives higher toughness over carbide. Milling chucks are recommended for holding these bars, as well as hydraulic chucks, see above.

Heavy metal bars available CKB1, CKB2, CKB3 and CKB4.