CK/CKB Modular Tool System

The BIG KAISER CK (formerly identified in North America as KA) connection consists of a cylindrical male pilot and female receptacle. The connection is made by means of a radial locking screw with a 15 degree taper. The screw engages in the respective offset pocket of the male pilot with a cam action.

The locking screw force creates a 3.3 to 3.5 times larger axial force which rigidly clamps the faces of the two components together. This face to face clamping builds up a friction force between the two components. Additionally the thrust of the screw locks and pushes the male pilot securely into line contact against the opposite wall of the female connection.

The torsional cutting forces are primarily transmitted by the friction between the faces. Any remaining torque results in additional wedge action between the locking screw and the male member, which is transformed into a very strong additional axial clamping force.

The BIG KAISER CKB (formerly identified in North America as KAB) connection is derived from the CK (formerly KA) connection without loss of all technical and dimensional features or interchangeability and ease of maintenance.

The CKB connection is equipped with a floating drive pin which engages on both sides into respective pockets in the mating part. The tapers on the pins and the angles on the pockets are engineered to permit an automatic balancing of the two resulting torsional forces.

The drive pin is retained with a simple spring ring. Adaption to the CK connection is made by pushing the drive pin out of the male pilot.

CK/CKB Modular Tool System

There Are Many Advantages To This Simple But Effective Design:

There Are Many Advantages To This Simple But Effective Design:

  • Maximum rigidity, face to face clamping forces over the full cross section of modular connections

  • Stacking of up to five components without detrimental effects.
  • Repeatable seating precision of the modular components of .0001" radial

  • 90 degree offset location of the locking screws to cutting edge guarantee spindle orientation irrespective of the number of components assembled.

  • Moderate vibration dampening effect due to the friction created between the mating components.

  • The components do not jam up and the simple design makes it easy to keep clean.

  • Assemble and disassemble without the need for special wrenches, fixtures and vises.