Back Boring

Through the use of standard components, BIG KAISER boring heads have the flexability to additionally perform back boring opporations. In some instances a new insert holder is required, but for most, users can simply reverse the existing insert holder.

Please note: We have decided to change our tool connection description of KA/KAB to CK/CKB to be consistent with how the product is referred to globally. There is absolutely zero geometric difference between a tool marked KA/KAB and CK/CKB, it was simply a way to differentiate North American inch tools from metric tools sold throughout the rest of the world.

Back Boring

A Variety of Back Boring Tools

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Series 315 Back Boring & Chamfering

The 315 program back boring insert holders attach to CK3-CK6 rough boring heads and compliment the back boring capabilities of the 310 finish boring program.

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Insert Holder For Chamfering With Adjustable Chamfering Angle

These insert holders are made for front chamfering on the twin cutter boring heads TW41 - TW148 and cover the diameter range from ø 1.142"- 8.190". The desired chamfering angle is adjustable from 15° to 75°. Sold individually.

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EWN 2-50XL Back Boring

The NEW universal boring tool system is based on the proven precision boring head series 112, and permits the use of the same tool holders and insert holders.

For the side mounted additional boring range, three insert holders and one spacer permit back bores in the range from ø3.15" - 6.00" by simply reversing the insert holder.

Back boring with the center mount tool simply requires a new back boring insert holder mounted to the tool holder. Back boring range of ø.662" - 1.752" is possible. 

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Series 310 EWN Back Boring

Largest work range of any system by using 3 insert holders for each
head. Balanced at midpoint of travel for high cutting speeds and improved
bore quality. Insert holder can be mounted in opposite direction for back bore applications ø1.102" - 8.000". Through spindle coolant capability is standard, with directional coolant ports.