AGU 30 Series

Adjustable Angle Spindle from 0° - 30°

The new Universal type AGU30 Angle Head uses a unique constant velocity joint to shed weight and allow for higher performance than other angle heads. The joint transmits enough torque to outperform traditional, spiral beveled gear 90° angle heads, while a low backlash design means better surface finishes with fine milling. The flange structure keeps rigidity at a constant despite the angle of the head, unlike a swing structure in which rigidity is dependent on the cutting direction. Also, because the mechanism is sealed, the AGU30 provides better coolant and chip proofing.

Spindle angle adjustable from 0° - 30°, and is easily adjustable using the scale indication on the body. The cutter head is adjustable a full 360°.

AGU 30 Series

AGU 30 Features

AGU 30 Features

  • Features a unique constant velocity joint

  • Higher torque than traditional spiral beveled gear heads

  • Low backlash design for better finishes

  • Rigid flange structure
  • Sealed for better coolant and chip proofing

  • Light weight with superior performance

A Variety of AGU 30 Types

Product Image

NBS Type
BCV/BBT 40 Taper
Max 6,000 RPM

Product Image

NBS Type
BCV/BBT 50 Taper
Max 4,000 RPM

Angle Adjustment by Aligning Divisions


Spindle angle is easily adjustable from 0° to 30° using the scale indication on the body.



Superior Quality Components

All Angle Heads are equipped with hardened and ground chrome-nickel steel spiral bevel gears, super precision hardened and ground spindles, and high precision angular contact ball bearings.


New Baby Collet


Angle Head: NBS Type
Collet class: AA
Runout: 1 µm at nose