AG90 Series Angle Heads

Vertical and Horizontal Operations Combined

AG90 Angle Heads, with a fixed 90° spindle angle, combine vertical and horizontal operations on one machine. They increase productivity by easily changing the angle of the cutter while utilizing the original workpiece setup. This improves overall accuracy and eliminates the potential for error created by multiple setups. The compact design minimizes overhang adding rigidity and strength, as does the standard BIG-PLUS® shank for CAT & BT versions. Three AG90 types available: NBS Type, HMC Type and Build-Up Type.

AG90 Series Angle Heads

One Original Setup Saves Time, Speeds Production and Guarantees Accuracy

One Original Setup Saves Time, Speeds Production and Guarantees Accuracy

  • Combines horizontal and vertical operations in 1 setup
  • Compact design assures rigidity and strength
  • Advanced non-contact seal prevents coolant and particle contamination
  • Wide range of tapers, lengths and designs
  • Easy and precise setting of cutter directions
  • Automatic Tool Change w/ stop block

  • Three standard AG90 types as well as numerous "specials"
  • Fixed 90° spindle with cutter head adjustable a full 360°
  • BIG-PLUS® is standard
  • Unique coolant jacket
  • Superior quality components
  • Various adapters for multiple operations (Build-Up Type)

A Variety of AG90 Types

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NBS Type
BCV/BBT 40 & 50 Taper
Max 6,000 RPM

Utilizes the outstanding rigidity and accuracy of the New Baby Chuck and New Baby Collet, producing high precision with less runout. A wide variety lengths and capacities are offered for 40 and 50 taper models. Recommended for small drills and light milling operations.

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HMC Type
BCV/BBT 50 Taper
Max 3,000 RPM

Greater versatility is obtainable with a milling chuck capacity of 1.25" by utilizing Straight Reduction Collets and other accessories. A High Rigidity HMC Type is also available with a steel housing and reinforced locating pin assembly for heavier machining.

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Build-Up Type
BCV/BBT 50 Taper
Max 3,000 RPM

The spindle head is equipped with a short taper for quick changing of various adapters. Available adapters include: New Baby Chuck, Hi-Power Milling Chuck, Shell Mill Arbor, Auto Tapper Type B and more. A High Rigidity Build-Up Type is also available for heavier machining.

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NBS Extra Long Type
BCV/BBT 50 & HSK-A100
Max 6,000 RPM

Available with 4" (100mm), 8"(200mm) and 12" (300mm) extensions. Any 50 taper or HSK-A100 size NBS head can be extended for drilling or milling on workpieces with long reach requirements.

Cutter Head Adjustable 360°

Reference faces are provided on both sides of all heads for easy setting of cutter directions.  


Superior Quality Components

All Angle Heads are equipped with hardened and ground chrome-nickel steel spiral bevel gears, super precision hardened and ground spindles, and high precision angular contact ball bearings.  


Innovative Sealing Method

The advanced non-contact sealing method prevents coolant and particle contamination better than any other sealing method.  


Unique Coolant Jacket  

Jacket allows coolant coming through the stop block to be efficiently directed to the tool cutting edge while simultaneously cooling the Angle Head.


New Baby Collet

Angle Head: NBS Type
Clamping range: ø.010" to ø.787"
Collet class: AA
Runout: 1 µm at nose


Straight Collet

Angle Head: HMC Type
Clamping range: ø.250" to ø1.000", increments of 1/16"

Application Example

HMC Type (High Rigidity)
Slot milling with ø.787" 2-flute H.S.S. end mill
Material: Carbon steel 1055
Cutting depth: .157"
Spindle speed: 400 RPM
Cutting speed: 82 SFM
Cutting feed: 2.835 IPM


Application Example

Build-Up Type (Standard)
Face milling with ø3.150" shell mill
Material: Carbon steel 1055
Cutting depth: .079"
Spindle speed: 600 RPM
Cutting speed: 492 SFM
Cutting feed: 14.173 IPM