AGU Series Angle Head

Adjustable Spindle

AGU Angle Heads, with an adjustable spindle (1° - 90°, 1° increments), combine vertical and horizontal operations on one machine. They increase productivity by easily changing the angle of the cutter while utilizing the original workpiece setup. This improves overall accuracy and eliminates the potential for error created by multiple setups. BIG-PLUS is standard for all CAT & BT versions, ensuring rigidity and accurate automatic tool changes.

AGU Series Angle Head

One Original Setup Saves Time, Speeds Production and Guarantees Accuracy

One Original Setup Saves Time, Speeds Production and Guarantees Accuracy

  • Combines horizontal, vertical and angular operations in 1 setup
  • Easy and precise setting of spindle angle
  • Advanced non-contact seal prevents coolant and particle contamination
  • Excellent runout control
  • BIG-PLUS is standard for added rigidity
  • Automatic Tool Change w/ stop block

  • Spindle is adjustable for all cutting angles 0° - 90° in 1° increment
  • Cutter head adjustable full 360°
  • Unique coolant jacket
  • Superior quality components
  • Utilizes New Baby Collet
  • 6,000 RPM for 40 taper
  • 4,000 RPM for 50 taper

How to Set the Angle

Product Image
Loosen all clamping screws and then manually slide the spindle housing close to the target angle.

Product Image
For example, when setting at 42°, align the arrow mark on the spindle housing with the 42° mark engraved on the head within 1°.

Product Image
Tighten the angle setting screw marked 2°. The spindle housing is now fixed at the exact target angle.

Product Image

Tighten all clamping screws and then loosen the Angle setting screw.

Accomplish Various Machining Applications

Corner rounding

Drilling or end milling on the angled surface


Machining the draft angle of a mold


New Baby Collet


Angle Head: NBS Type
Clamping range: ø.010" to ø.787"
Collet class: AA
Runout: 1 µm at nose



Application Example

End milling with ø.787" 2-flute H.S.S. end mill

Material: Carbon steel 1055
Cutting depth: .039"
Cutting width: 1.575"
Spindle speed: 400 RPM
Cutting speed: 82 SFM
Cutting feed: 3.937 IPM