Tooling Mate

Tool Assembly Fixture

Tooling Mate is a tool assembly fixture with modular adapters accommodating different shank sizes. The simple, yet sturdy design eliminates any possibility of damage to the taper shank during tool assembly/disassembly. Tooling Mate must be securely fixed to a bench with 4 mounting bolts.

Tooling Mate

Tooling Mate Features

Tooling Mate Features

  • Eliminates damage to shank taper during assembly/disassembly

  • 1 adapter is included, additional adapters must be ordered separately

  • Mounting bolts are not included

  • TMS40 base accepts ISO 30 & 40 adapters, as well as HSK-32, 40, 50 & 63 adapters (Form A, E or F)

  • TMS50 base accepts ISO 40 & 50 adapters, as well as HSK-80 & 100 (Form A, E or F)

  • HSK & Polygon shanks utilize the same adapter due to similar shallow tapers and flange diameters (ex: HSK-50 = C5, HSK-63 = C6, etc.)

  • ISO adapters utilize drive keys to keep the tool holder from rotating

  • HSK/Polygon adapters utilize a 2-way clutch and needle roller system that safely and evenly applies force to the flange periphery to keep it from rotating.