Tool Pro

Unique Tool Holding Fixture for Tool Assembly

Tool Pro is a unique tool holding fixture for the assembly and disassembly of your tooling. The head of the Tool Pro can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing convenient access for all operations in one setup. The Tool Pro can be installed vertically, rather than horizontally to allow for installation on tool carts.

The head of the unit is secured every 45º. This means that substantially less force is required to achieve optimum torque transmission when tightening tooling components. The Tool Pro will help you reduce damage to your expensive tool holders, shanks and machine spindles while providing a safer work environment for your machine operators and your tools.

Tool Pro

A Safer Tool Assembly Device

A Safer Tool Assembly Device

  • Spring loaded positive locking pin
  • 360 degrees of positioning freedom
  • Index positions every 45°
  • New compact design

  • Safe and secure tool assembly
  • Improved tool life
  • Rapid tool assembly in one setup
  • Special adapters available

A Variety of Tool Pro Tool Assembly Devices

Product Image


Integral base and tool pot. Spring loaded positive locking pin can be adjusted axially for safe and secure tool assembly of all V-groove locations. Depressing the large gold button permits the head to rotate 360 degrees, and has locking positions every 45º degrees.

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Quick change system uses one permanently mounted base unit and multiple adapters for different types and sizes of tool shanks.

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Allows 360º of tool rotation, while clamped, permits easy access to large diameter tools making it ideal for changing inserts on large dia. face mill. Tool and head rotation can be locked at increments.