Level Master

High Precision Leveling Device

Level Master is a high precision device for the leveling of machine tool tables.

Level Master

Easy Leveling

Easy Leveling

  • 10 micron per meter precision (.01mm/m)
  • Simultaneous 2-axis detection with .01mm/m ultra high precision
  • LED and buzzer indication when leveling is complete

  • Uses optical level sensor technology
  • Level condition is indicated without delay
  • Low and High Mode for rough and finish adjustment

LED & Buzzer Indicates Leveling Completion

Product Image

Level Condition is Indicated Without Delay


Simultaneous 2-Axis Detection




Included with Level Master


  • Level Master
  • Aluminum Box
  • Alkaline Batteries (AAA x 4 pcs)
  • Manual
  • Guarantee Certificate
  • Inspection Sheet