ATC Alignment Tool

ATC Arm Aligning Equipment

When a tool holder is loaded into a spindle, misalignment between the machine tool spindle and ATC gripper may cause damage to the spindle taper. Clamping a misaligned tool holder can also lead to a increase in runout and shorter tool life for machine tools, the tool holder, as well as your cutting tools. Cost reduction is achieved by using the ATC Alignment Tool to ensure your machine tools, tool holders and cutting tools are properly aligned to remain in good condition.

ATC Alignment Tool

ATC Alignment Tool

How to Use the ATC Alignment Tool

1. Load the AL Shank in the machine spindle and mount the AL Flange on the ATC arm.

2. Insert the AL Plug into the AL Flange

3. Rotate the AL Plug and read the highest and lowest values of the dial indicator. This direction is the eccentric direction. Half of the gap of the values is the eccentric amount.

4. Adjust the position of the ATC arm so that the front end of the AL Plug will be inserted into the AL Flange fully.