Unilock Mineral Cast Systems

ROC® mineral cast solutions increase capacity and throughput by reducing burden and transport weights. Much like a skyscraper, we produce a steel substructure for stability. Ours are precision machined and filled with ground positioning components and fasteners. We then fill or encapsulate the assembly with a composite structure of mineral particles and epoxy resin. The result is a working platform that is light weight, stable and damped.

Mineral particles make up about 90% of the added weight, with the remaining being resin and curing agents. The added composite structure has an excellent density to weight ratio of 2.3 kg/dm3. The finished composite structure is produced without heat to preserve the integrity of the precision machined surfaces and clamping components.

ROC® mineral cast media has low thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to corrosion. As the mineral cast component has low tensile and impact strength, unintended impacts to the composite structure will not disturb the steel positioning and clamping components. With attenuation rates 6 to 10 times better than grey cast iron, ROC® mineral cast solutions can increase cell output. ROC® mineral cast columns can be designed and built to customer specifications. We do offer standard columns for horizontal machining center applications with integrated Unilock zero-point chucks or grid patterns.

Egonomics and machine capacity aspects of manufacturing get easier with ROC® mineral cast workholding solutions, many of which are 50% lighter then alternatives. As companies look to standardize their operator interfaces, they should also look to ROC® mineral cast solutions to package these standards.

Unilock Mineral Cast Systems

Unilock Mineral Cast System



  • ROC® Mineral Cast Body (Optional Steel Cover)

  • Air Fitting and Air Lines Cast Into the Body

  • Steel Housing for Chuck

  • Unilock EFM 138 Chuck

  • Steel Base Plate

Grid Columns


  • Anchor Locates and Retains Fixtures

  • Steel Core M16 (1x) for Eyebolt

  • 40 & 50mm Patterns

  • Anchor Locates and Retains Fixtures

  • Standard: M12 Thread w/ ø12mm F7 Bore

  • Steel Base Plate

Grid Clamping Pallets

Especially made for the requirements of new machining centers, we offer grid clamping pallets produced with the help of ROC® mineral casting, including a steel cover on the top of the pallet for optimal stability

Weight Reduction Pallets

All clamping pallets and devices can be manufactured as light as possible and filled up with ROC® mineral cast. Threaded inserts or other construction elements can be cast into in the pallets. Pneumatic lines are incased in the casting and completely airtight.

Riser Pads

For a more flexible use of your vices, we offer riser pads for many popular vises brands. With a width up to 4.921", vices can be elevated on our ROC® vice pads according to their mounting requirements