Speroni MAGIS

Tool Presetting & Measuring System

Speroni MAGIS Tool Presetting & measuring system is a new line of tool presetting and measuring systems & controls which revolutionizes the way one uses software in the tool measuring world. In today's world, software companies add screens, windows and menus in order to give the user more features. Speroni's MAGIS control for tool presetting and measuring combines all of the needed features and functions in a user friendly, clean and trouble free single screen user interface.

The Speroni STP MAGIS tool presetter eliminates the trial and error of tool set-up while providing first part precision - saving you time and money. The STP MAGIS is constructed of Pearlitic class 40 cast iron, this provides for added precision in measurements and increased durability. Precise, modular and upgradeable by design, the Speroni STP MAGIS is an outstanding value.


Speroni MAGIS

The new standard in bench-top precision tool presetting & measuring systems!

The new standard in bench-top precision tool presetting & measuring systems!

  • All MAGIS models are consucted with Pearlitic class 40 cast iron

  • Equipment is fully isostatic and will not deform or distort over time or temperature change

  • 270-degree access to the tools while in the spindle

  • Fast manual axis movement


  • ISO 50 spindle accuracy and T.I.R. (Maximum .0003" at 400mm)

  • Sub-pixel & sub micron resolution of less than 0.000039" (< 1 micron)

  • Display resolution .001mm (.0001 inch) for added detail and accuracy

  • CNC options available


A Variety of MAGIS Presetters


Z Axis: 400mm
X Axis: 400mm
Max Dia.: 350mm


Z Axis: 500mm
X Axis: 400mm
Max Dia.: 350mm


Z Axis: 600mm
X Axis: 400mm
Max Dia.: 350mm


Z Axis: 400mm
X Axis: 400mm
Max Dia.: 350mm


Z Axis: 500mm
X Axis: 400mm
Max Dia.: 350mm


Z Axis: 600mm
X Axis: 400mm
Max Dia.: 350mm

Dedicated CNC Control Management

The MAGIS CNC has dedicated CNC control management for the X and Z-axis with electronic movements and latest generation electronics & motors. This system allows for an accurate and repetitive positioning of the X & Z Axis of the Futura S.T.P. Measuring system. The positioning uncertainty of these two linear axis is of +/- 1 µm.

'Original' workbench for STP MAGIS 400/500/600

Complete with ventilated PC storage and a lockable door. The Work area is = 950 mm X 750 mm with a steel counter top. 6 Plastic reduction sleeve pockets, according to the choice of integral spindle, are also included.

Total Tool Setting Solution

The Total Tool Setting Solution offers a well-organized workspace for your employees. This solution includes the highest precision bench top model presetter available with its superior software and vision system. The presetter is installed on a large workbench so that the operator has ample space to work. In addition, the Total Tool Setting Solution from BIG Kaiser is eqipped with the Tool Pro – a unique tool holding device for the assembly and disassembly of your tooling. This Total Tool Setting Solution is efficiently organized on the workbench to improve efficiency and to increase your manufacturing productivity.

Standard Speroni MAGIS Features

Ergonomically designed X axis (diameter) fine adjustment hand wheel allows for micron precise smooth adjustments throughout the system's 400mm range of travel.


A second fine adjustment hand wheel allows for micron precise smooth adjustments throughout the systems 400/500/600mm Z axis (height) range.


Rapid axis movement has been designed to maximize the ease of use of the system. The operator can move the axis simultaneously or independently. Pneumatically activated for ergonomic comfort, this feature guarantees smooth and precise movement.

The integrated high precision vertical rotating spindle is designed according to Speroni's world famous standards of robustness, reliability and unmatched precision - 1μ concentricity. A pneumatically activated spindle disk brake and an ergonomic hand wheel are included for optimum focusing and adjustment of the tool cutting edge.



Speroni-designed integrated Episcopy front light system allows you to see and evaluate the wear conditions of your tools before they are utilized, thus avoiding costly breakdowns in operation.
The standard cutting edge inspection feature through incident light technology - Episcopy - is provided with a powerful zoom function which allows for 120X magnification.
Industrial grade control

Industrial grade controls are conveniently positioned to maximize ergonomics and ease of use. The spindle disk brake system, the 4-position index and the tool clamping system are pneumatically activated. An ergonomic knob easily allows for the Episcopy front light system.

The MAGIS offers a precision ground integrated spindle calibration edge for the fast and easy recalibration of the system. Due to this tough gage, the system does not require the use of any external caliper or master.



Mounted directly on the system's structure, micron precise Heidenhain® glass scales, state of the art Schneeberger® guideways, together with the largest and toughest recirculating ball bearing contact surface in its class, guarantee the highest precision and repeatability along the system's entire measuring range. Integrated cable carriers are present in both the X axis (base) and Z axis (column).

Ergonomically designed LCD monitor support arm provides for the best angle and work position possible in order to make your job easier and more comfortable.

The "open spindle" design - a feature of Speroni tool presetters since 1969 - provides for the optimum loading and presetting of tools. The new MAGIS cast iron sensor carrier provides for over 170mm of access in the tool adjustment phase.


Integration to CAM and TMS

Eliminate data redundancy and safely share data amongst your systems with the powerful SPERONI integration options.

Integration to CAM and TMS




Easily and securely transfer your measured tool data to your machine tools.


A. Mistake free, automatic download of offset data to all of your machine tools via your company network or FTP server.

B. Direct Integration via RS232 or dedicated connection with your NC machine control.

C. Full integration with any read-only and read/write tool identification systems.

Optional Speroni MAGIS Features

Automatic clamping integral spindle for BIG CAPTO, HSK, & KM tooling
Range of reduction sleeves for ISO to ISO, ISO to VDI, ISO to KM, etc.
Original design HSK reduction sleeves with mechanical clamping system.


A center height camera system, complete with LED based front light technology, includes swiveling and adjustable cross-hairs and S.E.F. - Speroni Edge Finder technology - which allows for the adjustment of tool cutting edges center height.

Optional swing arm camera system for the measurement and inspection, via incident light, of all important tool parameters. This system is fully integrated so that the inspection is carried out during the presetting and
measuring of the tool with no additional setup.

Touch screen technology LCD Monitor 17" upgrade – allows you to easily access and operate all of the MAGIS software features without using the keyboard or mouse. This industrial grade touch screen is provided with three years warranty directly from the manufacturer.

Automatic – CNC axis movement X & Z axis – a PC Based dedicated CNC control unit with electronic micrometric movements allows for an accurate and repetitive positioning of the X & Z Axis of the Speroni tool presetting and measuring system. The positioning certainty of these two linear axes is of 1 micron or 0.000039".

Speroni MAGIS Software


New and innovative design is applied to the new MAGIS control and software interface. The human/machine interface has been developed in order to deliver unmatched user-friendliness and ease of precise operation.

Click here to learn more about MAGIS control and software interface




Spindle Cleaner

Ensures absolute cleanliness of the precision Speroni spindle.

Click here for more info on Spindle Cleaner



Tool Cleaning Kit

Malleable putty for cleaning dirt and debris from cutting surface which could alter measurements.


Tool Pro

A unique tool holding device for the easy and safe assembly and disassembly of your tooling.

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Inspection Bars

Precision ground, high concentricity test bars for inspecting spindle runout, tram, and scale referencing.

Reduction Sleeves

Original design ISO to ISO, ISO to HSK and ISO to CAPTO reduction
sleeves with mechanical
clamping system