Smart Damper

Integrated Damping System

Smart Damper is a tool holder with an integrated damping system for deep hole finish boring.

Smart Damper incorporates a unique damping mechanism functioning as both counter and friction dampers. The patent-pending counter weight maximizes the effect of the friction damper. Vibration is absorbed effectively and higher machining accuracy is achieved.

Smart Damper

Smart Damper Features:

Smart Damper Features:

  • Instantaneous damping of chatter

  • Better surface finishes

  • Higher metal removal rate

  • For KA4-KA6 KAISER EWN finish boring tools
  • 6:1 L/D ratio
  • Coolant through

BCV50 w/ KAB Output

KAB4-KAB6 (ø1.614"-8.000")
Bore Depth w/ Head: 11.77"-17.76"
Gauge Length: 9.658"-16.063"

HSK-A100 w/ KAB Output

KAB4-KAB6 (ø1.614"-8.000")
Bore Depth w/ Head: 11.34"-17.72"
Gauge Length: 9.49"-14.92"

KAISER KAB Extensions

KAB4-KAB6 (ø1.614"-8.000")
Length: 4.724"-7.087"
For use with standard KAB shank
(ordered seperately)

Focus Products

Integrated Damping System

For deep hole finish boring and extended reach face milling.
A unique dynamic damping system eliminates vibration for higher productivity.


Finish Boring of Ductile Nodular Cast Iron