Mptec Dial Indicator Stands: Precise Positioning

Mptec articulated indicator stands are ideally designed for precise positioning of precision inspection (devices). Mptec instruments are articulated dial gauge stands designed to meet the highest standards of flexibility and precision. The 5 degrees of freedom are locked and released by means of a singular star grip. This allows a quick, flexible positioning of the dial gauge. The mechanical tensioning technique employed produces a very high clamping force of which in turn enables the repetition of highly accurate measurements. Manufacturing tolerances are extremely tight and with the high quality materials used there is practically no wear.

Mptec Dial Indicator Stands: Precise Positioning

The Highest Positioning Precision and Exact Measurements in the µm Range

The Highest Positioning Precision and Exact Measurements in the µm Range

  • Progressive tensioning
  • 360 degrees of positioning freedom
  • Compact construction
  • Very precise

  • Excellent repeatability
  • High clamping force
  • Extremely flexible
  • Magnetic or cast iron base

A Variety of mptec Indicator Stands

Type MU/F

Standard version with magnetic base. The extension capacity of the arm without the magnetic base is 14.5" (370mm).

Type SU/F

Smaller version with magnetic base. The extension capacity of the arm without the magnetic base is 9.65" (245mm).

Type MU/FS

Cast iron base for use on surface plates. Base with 3-point sliding contact and one flat side for parallel measurement. Specifications of clamp arm same as Type MU/F.

ACCU Mini Mini Magnet Type

ACCU Mini Mini Straight Shank Type

ACCU Mini Mini HSK Type

Dial Gauge Adapters/Clamps

These clamps use a standard dial indicator dovetail to secure it in place. This part forms two opposing legs whose relative position can be fine-adjusted by means of a tensioning screw DGH 3. A special micro model DGH 4 with a fine-adjustment rocker is also
available for measurement precision in the µm range. This new models provide unprecedented ease and repeatability of setting, even with µm-range dial gauges, while maintaining a superior comfort of use.



Basic model without fine-tuning screw.



Standard adaptor for MU and SU articulated
• Very compact
• High stability
• Exact positioning of dial gauge
• Designed for measurements in the
0.01 mm (0.0004") range
• Free of clearance



• Precision model with fineadjustment rocker
• For the most rigorous measurements down
to the µm range
• Excellent comfort of use
• Very good repeatability of setting
• free of clearance
•With dovetail recess for mostly used dial gauges and adapter



Articulated Clamping Arm Type SG

Your 3rd hand! Precise positioning when gluing, soldering or welding.
On SG types, tensioning action is simultaneous.

  • Type SG 3/4 Arm with one tension clamp

  • Type SG 4/4 Arm with two tension clamps


  • Very rigid, short and sturdy dial indicator holder
  • Progressive clamping of articulating arms by one progressive clamping start grip
  • Ultra strong magnet holds stand firmly in place
  • Optional models can be supplied with straight shank (12 or 20mm) or HSK shank (E25, E32) instead of the magnet to go directly into a machine tool spindle
  • High clamping force
  • Each stand is equipped standard with a dove-tail adapter; cylindrical gauge adapters are optional items



Application Example:

Inspecting runout on a lathe. Mptec stands easily mount to all metallic surfaces with high force.


Application Example:

"Sweeping In" part for initial setup on vertical machining center.