The senior management of BIG KAISER.

Outside Sales

Managing outside sales activities within their specific regions.

Inside Sales

More then just an order desk. Your BIG KAISER Inside Sales Representatives can assist you with most issues you may have. Not only is Inside Sales happy to take your order, they can also answer most product, account, or procedure questions. No matter how tough the question, Inside Sales can help you find the answer.


The people who design tool set-ups, handle service calls and work closely with end users to ensure they receive maximum utility and efficiency from BIG KAISER tooling.

Tool Measuring Systems

The department provides sales and service support for high precision Speroni & Diaset Tool Measuring & Presetting Systems. Let these trained professionals show you how to increase spindle utilization, machine time, precision, productivity & profits.


The department that is responsible for workholding and clamping design & applications. With the versatile and precise Unilock and Uniclamp systems, the professionals at BIG KAISER can find a cost effective solution for you.


The people involved in the support and promoting of all BIG KAISER products and tradeshows through numerous mediums to ensure that the BIG KAISER name successfully penetrates the market.


The people that make sure things in the office run smoothly.


Helps out the different departments at BIG KAISER like operations and AP/AR, answer the phones, makes sure everything is well taken care of.

Information Technology

Responsible for maintaining the servers and client workstations that keep BIG KAISER up and running.


The place to send your damaged tools. BIG KAISER's full service repair shop guarantees speedy renovation of KAISER boring tool systems, BIG Daishowa Profit Maker Tools, and Unilock chucks.


The people who ensure the tooling orders go out quickly and arrive on time.